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100% Greek Honey
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Greek honey

Ancient gods getting served ambrosia

The greek honey is considered a product with a long history. In the mythology it was the preffered aliment of the gods of Olympus, also known as “ambrosia”.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, emphasized the nutritional and pharmaceutical value of honey stabilizing it as an aliment for medical  purposes.

The honey in ancient Greece has been used widely as an ingredient in cooking and in the preparation of sweets.

Greece is caracterized by the omnipresent summer sun and the abrupt changes in the landscape, two significant reasons have made prosper an exceptional large variety of flora – Greece is considered to have the richest variety of flora in the Meditteranean – providing a good  explanation why certain varieties of honey do not exist anywhere else in the world. Of the 7500 different species of  plants found growing in Greece, 850 of them grow exclusively in Greece.

Melitteas - Greek Honey - Mountain Oiti
Melitteas - Greek Honey - Mountain Oiti
Melitteas - Greek Honey - Mountain Oiti
Melitteas - Greek Honey - Mountain Oiti

Mt. Oiti

Μελιττέας - Ελληνικό μέλι - Μελίσσια
Melitteas - Greek Honey - Bee Hive
Μελιττέας - Ελληνικό μέλι - Μελίσσια

Honey is one of the traditional Greek products that the country exports to the rest of the world. Every year in Greece are produced well over 20000 metric tones of honey and most of it is exported.

The apiculture in Greece is considered an art, a way of living. The practice and the knowledge are passed from generation to generation and the process is almost totally handicrafted, with very few interventions of technological means. In this way the greek honey maintains its original color, taste, aroma and consistency.

Apiculturists in Greece live almost like nomads, moving their hives accross the country in search of areas with the proper vegetation in order to obtain honey with the purest flavor and highest quality.

The quality of the Greek honey is ensured by the frequent and thorough controls by the relative authorities.